Business Mentoring & Training

Business Mentoring

I offer independent and objective advice to public sector organisations who wish to engage my services as a business mentor to their clients. When mentoring entrepreneurs or start-up organisations I work through a range of issues to help the client decide the best route forward for their business in a manner that suits thieir lifestyle. If the client is intent on developing new ideas and new markets, I can offer a diagnostic service that acts as a first step to helping identify the requirements needed to diversify in the marketplace.

As a start-up I will work with the client across a range of issues which could include our examining for them competing products & services or related but competing impulse buys. I can also look at the following:

  • Understanding your financial reality based on personal and business expenditure and income requirements
  • The best route to market and the export potential of the idea
  • Trends in the marketplace
  • The needs of the user who might buy the product or use the service – the potential for the product to be different
  • How to go about refining prototypes – when to link to professional design expertise–possible product extensions aimed at other markets
  • The licensing potential and the identification of companies who might be keen to license or ‘take on’ the idea as such
  • Strategies with regard to selling and developing a sales book
  • Product merchandising and packaging, its ‘on-shelf’ appeal in the retail landscape

I seek to identify opportunities and assist growth. Occasionally I link experts to a business for a period of time to help train and develop innovation focused projects.


I love to deliver training programmes and to work on experieriential training courses. Oftentimes I partner with private sector trainers or support organisations such as Local Enterprise Offices, or not for profit organisations, by providing training concepts and training co-ordination assistance. Oftentimes the programme focus is on the ‘people needs’ of an organisation – where people are required to be creative, using their experience and knowledge to drive innovation and new growth paths in their market place.