The Business of Arts & Crafts

With over 20 years experience in project management and arts based consultancy, Deirdre Enright heads up a consultancy called Fruition, providing a personal approach to the detail of project management, strategy compilation and business mentoring. Deirdre brings together expert teams, when required, who can deliver programmes and projects depending on the client’s request.

Trained as an Arts in Business Manager with a Degree in History and Art History and a Higher Diploma in Arts Administration, much of Deirdre’s professional life has centered on the role that creativity and creative people play in societal and company transformation.

Sometimes Manager, sometimes strategist, all times motivator, Deirdre’s clients include Government Agencies, Local Enterprise Offices, Private Sector Clients, Software Companies, Graphic Design Practices, Arts Centres, County Councils, Business Development Agencies and Private Trusts

Business Mentoring

I love to work with SMEs and I offer independent and objective advice to public sector organisations who wish to engage my services as a business mentor to their clients.

Project Management & Strategy Compilation

I offer a full range of project management and strategy compilation services including project scoping and planning as well as project animation, marketing and PR services.